Top priorities voted

August 21st, 2013 by kommunikasjon

We asked our participants to join in the discussion and vote for their “top strategies” for the coming year. Post your comments on our Facebook page Arts and Audiences or on Twitter, @audiencesnorway with the hashtag #artsandaudiences.


Helsinki 2013:

1. Involve the whole organisation.

2. Stop waiting for extra money, make audience development part of the existing budgets.

3. Build an alliance with the audience


Stockholm 2012:

1. Work strategically, on a long-term basis.

2. Define what inclusion means in your organization.

3. Work with your venue. Make it a place of social value.


Bergen 2011:

1. Stop competing and start cooperating!

2. Involve the whole organization!

3. Focus on the power of the artwork!

Watch recordings of the conference

August 9th, 2013 by kommunikasjon

The conference was streamed live on this website from the Helsinki Music Centre on the 22nd and 23rd of August.

Live streams from Thursday 22nd of August and Friday 23rd of August are now recordings available to watch here.

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Speak your mind

August 8th, 2013 by kommunikasjon

During the conference, there was a video booth open for all participants to use to make a point, send regards, share thoughts, or just tell us what they thought of the conference.
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Food for thought

August 7th, 2013 by kommunikasjon

In a recently published book, PUBLIK I PERSPEKTIV, Kathrine Winkelhorn and a number of collegues raise a series of questions regarding the notion of audience development. What is at stake when discussing these issues? Is audience development a matter of a different approach to marketing? Katrine Winkelhorn’s presentation deals with strategies to varies strategies to involve the audience. There are no easy answers when it comes to audience development.

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The conference is full!

August 7th, 2013 by kommunikasjon

We are very happy to announce that the conference is full, and we are happy to see all the Nordic countries represented with artists, artistic directors, curators, producers, learning managers and communication managers.

To find a complete list of registered participants, click here.

Can’t find your name on the list but want to register? We’ll set up a waiting list, so please contact Donia Lina Nilsen at .

Graphic recording of the conference

August 6th, 2013 by kommunikasjon

We are proud to have graphic recorder Anna Lena Schiller on board for this Arts and Audiences conference in Helsinki. She will be drawing the presentations and discussions as they are happening.

Graphic recording is the live visual documentation of conferences, workshops and seminars. Talks and discussions will be summarized and content as information processed in an appealing and understandable way for the participants and the public. We use graphic recording as a part of the documentation of the conference and as a tool for knowledge management during and after the conference. The drawings are made in real time, either analog on a large paper with pen and paper or digitally, e.g. on an iPad.

Visit Anna Lenas website here:

The program is ready!

May 16th, 2013 by kommunikasjon

Helsinki Music Centre

You can now view the full conference program, and register for the conference:





Engaging New Audiences

April 24th, 2013 by kommunikasjon

A paradigm shift is going on outside the walls of the arts institutions. How should artists and art institutions respond to the new situation?

Would you like to know how to engage bigger and broader audiences for your art form or cultural project? Do you want meet colleagues from the Nordic countries, learn form them and share experiences in audience development? Then you should find your way to Helsinki Music Centre in August!

  • Wednesday 21. Aug – Welcome reception & evening program (17.00)
  • Thursday 22. Aug – Conference day (09.00-17.00) & evening program
  • Friday 23. Aug – Conference day (09.30-16.00)

A multitude of audience development projects from all the Nordic countries will be presented in panels moderated by Chris Torch, senior associate and founder of Intercult Sweden. Key note speakers like Jon Deak from the New York Philharmonic and Kathrine Winkelhorn from the University of Malmö will share their insight.

As the conference takes place during the Helsinki Festival, parts of the on-going artistic program will be included in the conference. In fact, we will be invaded by hundreds of second graders on their way to a participatory musical adventure where they explore the relationship between picture and sound.

Helsinki Festival / Petri Krook

Arts and Audiences is a Nordic meeting point for cultural leaders, artists, artistic directors, curators, producers, learning managers, communication managers, cultural architects and strategists who want to find new ways to extend audience engagement.

The conference series is produced by Audiences Norway (Norsk publikumsutvikling) in collaboration with the hosting city of the year. Arts and Audiences 2013 is produced in collaboration with the City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Helsinki Festival, the Culture for All Service and Helsinki Music Centre’s KUULE! Participation Programme.

Full program schedule and registration will be ready very soon. To stay updated, please sign up for the newsletter for news on the program and practical details. Read more about the Arts and Audiences conference series here.

Save the dates!

January 4th, 2013 by kommunikasjon

We are preparing the third conference in the series Arts and Audiences. The conference will take place in Helsinki, August 21-23 2013. During these days we will discuss the theme Engaging New Audiences and share experiences from organisations and culture workers that have been exploring this challenge on a long-term basis. Some examples on Audience Engagement may also be seen at the Helsinki Festival, going on the same week in August. Stay tuned with updates about the conference by subscribing to our Newsletter!

Call for cases

January 3rd, 2013 by kommunikasjon

Do you have a case or an idea for a case that would be a good addition to the Engaging New Audiences conference? We search cases that:

Have reached out to new – not core – audiences
Have been carried out long term and strategically – not just events
Have been evaluated, and thereby could present some kind of “proof” or results: increase, decrease or no change in audience engagement.

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